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According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), home buyers who shopped for a house online rated photographs as the most useful tool in their search. Industry insiders and home buyers agree that the first impression online is a vital component for a quick sale.

The median age of today’s home buyer is 39 years old: 91% of this key age group uses the Internet as an integral part of their search. According to the NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the photos these home buyers view online are often the key to bringing them in for a house showing.

What’s more, homes with professional photographs were found, on average, to be viewed 61 percent more online than others in that price range shot with a lower-end camera. The listings that used digital SLR cameras also commanded a 47 percent higher asking price per square foot, according to a Redfin analysis.


The Real Estate industry is on a full swing comeback and successful listing agents understand that one of the most important steps in their marketing process is great advertising. Potential buyers want to see images of the properties which meet their criteria and the difference between great and mediocre photography usually impacts their decision to actually preview that property.

A compliment to Dave’s photographic talents came from a RE Broker who’s listing went under contract only a day after the photos went into the MLS. The images Dave was able to convey greatly influenced these out-of-state buyers to purchase the property and make a full price offer on the home from only viewing the MLS Photos.


This is where Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral Real Estate Fort Myers Real Estate and Architectural Photographer, Naples, Cape Coral , Sarasota, Sanibel, Commercial, Residential, Florida Architectural Photographer Dave Robbins excels. Dave has a unique way of capturing the interior and exterior of each property he photographs, thereby peaking the interest of potential purchasers.

Besides capturing architectural aspects of each property, he strives to impact the property’s “feeling”. Most listing agents already have a vision of what they want the photos to convey. Dave strives to consider the wishes of each listing agent and the sellers and treat his clients with respect and consideration.

Finally, Dave’s post production techniques (touch-up) enhance each image to its full potential. In order to achieve perfection, time and talent coordinate in the editing process.

LDR Photography provides photography service for all types of Real Estate properties. From small residential to the largest commercial properties. Mobile Home, Residential Homes, Estate Homes, Apartment buildings, Condominiums, Hotels, Rental units, shopping malls.

LDR Photography works with home owners, building contractors, realtors and architects.

Our goal is to provide quick professional work at a reasonable price.



Need a Professional Real Estate Photographer?


My Goal is to provide you with the best possible photos of your Residential or Commercial Real Estate Property.

I use the latest professional Canon equipment to capture Professional quality Real Estate Photographs.

All my Real Estate Photography utilizes Natural lighting along with Studio lighting. This combination produces beautiful true to life images without the over exposed cartoon HDR look.

Quality wide angle and Tilt Shift lenses minimize distortion as well as captures dynamic high resolution photos.




You have seen many Real Estate listing with poor lighting, windows bright white, out of focus photos, photos that are not level, and extremely distorted photos with cartoon like appearance.

As a Professional real estate photographer I use studio type lighting to light the interior of homes, leveling Tripods to assure images are not distorted , Professional Grade Canon full frame camera bodies and Professional quality Canon “L” series lenses.


Using these techniques I’ve developed through years of taking photos, I can providing crisp true to life real estate photos, properly lite and focused throughout the entire image.

Real Estate Photos with all the rooms in the properly lite and in focus can only be done with the proper studio lighting located in each room of the home that is in the photograph. Window properly exposed can only be achieved knowing how to use the lighting and camera equipment.



Just about anyone with a camera can take a photo of the outside of a home in daylight and have it look halfway decent. Yet they have no idea or have the skill set to do the same in the interior of a home or office. Real Estate photography or architectural photography is a learned skill. Requires years of training as well as specialized equipment and lighting.


I’ve spent years of photographing homes perfecting my skill to be able to produce professional quality real estate photos.

I also have a large investment in the correct lenses, cameras, tripods with proper leveling devices and lighting equipment to be able to produce professional quality real estate photos every time I shoot.


What type of photos do you want to use for your listing?

You will see the difference

Your clients will appreciate the difference



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