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At LDR Real Estate Photography and Aerial Drone Specialists, we use the right equipment with post-production computer enhancements to deliver exceptional results with an exceptional level of service.

We are not just taking pictures from the air.

We will do careful preparation to deliver just what the customer needs and wants.

Using techniques such as, time of day, angle of perspective, computer enhancement to deliver exceptional results.

FAA LICENSED Pilots with FAA Registered aircraft


Every flight shows us something new, but our vision remains the same:

“Provide creative, effective, and timely aerial services in a safe, respectful and professional manner, one positive client experience at a time.”


Aerial drone photography and video to market your listings and set your brand apart from the rest.

In today’s highly competitive real estate market, improved sales effectiveness is now a major priority. Traditional forms of marketing are being shelved in favor of mobile smartphones, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

LDR Real Estate photography, aerial video and interior video tours are giving real estate agents a distinct advantage over their competitors with unique branding and marketing.

Now that the FAA allow commercial drone operations, consider adding spectacular aerial shots to your next production. With today’s need for high-end cinematography and the desire to capture unique dynamic images and video, Our drones add a unique perspective to any production and are cost efficient.

Drone Aerial Photography Is Rapidly

Changing Real Estate Marketing…

Are You Keeping Up?


Aerial Drone Specialists and LDR Real Estate Photography provides affordable stunning aerial photography and captivating high-definition aerial commercial and residential  video footage and photos.

With over 30 years of professional Photography experience our work “Stands out from the rest”.


Aerial HD Video up to 4k resolution

Aerial and Ground Photography

Fully Insured and Licensed

An aerial photo of a home, in comparison with a street level shot, provides not only depth and dimension, but also a view of what is behind the home. A pool, beautiful backyard, lake, ocean or mountain view can all be captured and showcased perfectly by aerial drone photography.

Aerial photography is currently the best way to showcase the selling points of a home or building.

Aerial photos and videos are next step in real estate sales and realtors who are quick to adopt them will receive a cutting edge advantage over their competition.

“Telling the story of your home, really communicating the key points is vital to selling your property well. With aerial photography you can instantly demonstrate the size of the block and where the home sits on the property,”

“The drone aerial photos allow you to paint a wider picture, providing buyers with a perspective of where the property is located within the neighborhood, proximity to parks, public transport, shops and schools.”

Residential Real Estate Aerial Photography

What are the benefits of Aerial Photos and Video that Aerial Drone Specialists and LDR Photography offers?

  • Encompassing high aerial Photos showcasing the entire property and land
  • People love to share unique photos
  • See the neighborhood and surrounding area, including the home’s proximity to amenities
  • View the Proximity to waterways, canals, beaches and the ocean.
  • See Detailed footprints of the home.
  • Low elevated shots that give a unique and slightly raised angle of the property not seen from the ground.
  • In photography anything different from normal eye level stands out.
  • Make your property listing “Stand out from the Rest”.
  • Dose the property have a new expensive roof? Aerial photos will show it off.

As a Realtor Having your Property Listing Photos and videos stand out from the rest gives you a competitive market advantage at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Telling your potential new clients how your listing differs from the average, this can makes the difference from getting the listing or not.

Aerial Drone Photos and Video gives you and your clients the competitive advantage.

Professional Photos done by a professional real estate photographers are an added tool to your marketing plan. 


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